Fingerstick Blood Glucose Testing no longer needs to be delegated unless insulin injection is being delegated, then it is a part of the delegation.

For Fingerstick blood glucose testing only, It is considered a mandatory teaching. You must have the teaching documentation in place, before you can perform the task.

If you and/or your staff, does not know how, or feels uncomfortable with the steps it takes to perform an unskilled task, a nurse can teach and/or re-instruct you.  These unskilled tasks are simply, anything that a certified nurse assistant is trained to do. Tasks needing to be delegated are decided by the RN and/or your licenser.

DELEGATION VERSUS TEACHING:  A delegation can only take place if the task is being performed by the caregiver on a regular basis. Otherwise a teaching is required with specific requirements from the care giver to the RN. These are some of the reasons a teaching is required instead of a delegation:

  • The resident is doing task themselves, but you are required to know how in case they can’t.
  • The caregiver works less that once a month.
  • The task is prn or sliding scale, and is not regularly needed.

In these cases, a teaching is done, and the caregiver must keep RN notified as to how often the task is being done by staff.  The RN is than able to determine if the task is being done often enough to require a delegation.

This is not resident  specific, and can be trained in a group. Whomever has been “taught” is able to perform that task on any resident in that home only.

A “teaching” must be repeated at the RN’s discretion, usually no longer than a year.

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