Psychoactive Medication Assessment

A psychoactive medication is any medication used for the purpose of changing resident’s perception,  mood, consciousness and/or behavior. If this medication is ordered while the resident is under your care, a “psychoactive assessment” is required.  This also includes over the  counter medications such as sleep aids. The need for these medications  must be assessed by the   Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or RN and it’s use clarified.  The  need for  continued use must be reassessed on a pre-determined schedule specifically created for that resident. Remember, it is what the medication is being used for, not what it’s action is. If the resident moves into your home with a psychoactive medication already ordered, this is not required until the Physician or RN deem it necessary.

You cannot give this medication without a written doctor’s order and the psycho-active medication assessment. These medications may also be ordered PRN, and require a parameter for that as me