Nursing Delegations

Skilled nursing tasks that are taught to unlicensed personnel. The delegation must be completed before the AFH staff is able to perform this task.  A targeted physical assessment must be performed, by the nurse, to determine resident is stable, staff is willing an able to perform, and location is appropriate for the task.  Any RN can decide against performing the delegation process, or to rescind delegation at any time, for any reason.

The delegation is resident to caregiver specific, meaning one delegation per resident, per  caregiver. The task must be demonstated on the resident only.  NO demonstrations using props, or on other persons, will meet the requirement (mandated by Oregon Board of Nursing). It must be performed when it is ordered. This may mean that in order to complete delegations, I will have to return when the task is due, for each caregiver to demonstrate; possibly several days in a row.  Different tasks may be done at the same time ie:  blood sugar testing and insulin injection, but only one caregiver per resident.  The first delegation will need to be re-assessed in 60 days.  After that, it is up to the RN’s discretion, for a maximum of 180 days.
Examples:   new colostomy care, insulin injection,  tracheostomy site care, enteral feeding, are a few, but not all.
This is a rule set by the Oregon Board of Nursing, not DHS or the counties.