Educating Future and Existing
Adult Foster / Care Home Licensees, and their Employees

Specializing in (Registered Nurse) RN consulting and ODHS education since 2008

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Experienced RN Consultant serving all Oregon Counties

Hello. My name is Catherine (Cathy), I am committed to educating future and existing AFCH and VAC employees and licensees across the state of Oregon. I have worked with various adult foster homes in many different capacities. If you are looking for EQC (Ensuring Quality Care) and/or VAC classes.

Comforting Old Lady
Learning How to Care Old Age People

Years of Experience

I have over 40 years of medical experience, from CNA to EMT 4 to RN. I now specialize in ODHS Education and have been training AFCH  and VAC employees, the required, in-depth knowledge and skills that it takes to work in these much needed settings.  Join me in this exciting adventure. If you are interested in upcoming classes, contact me.